Alfresco is designed to be extended in order to adapt the product to user requirements. Every customer has their own needs that need to be met by Alfresco, however there are some common enhancements which are useful in many situations. This presentation looks at 10 of these commonly useful enhancements that can be achieved easily with 10 lines of code (or less) and some XML magic.

  1. Add a download button on the Quick Share page.
  2. Control the site creation ability.
  3. Change the document extension when changing the MIME type.
  4. Set the create missing person policy.
  5. Customize LDAP identification.
  6. Converting documents to PDF/A.
  7. Importing the original modification date from documents.
  8. Customize ELM imported node names from IMAP.
  9. Site custom properties creation.
  10. Create site templates including folders and documents (based on the example by Jeff Potts).

Maven based Alfresco SDK projects will be published on GitHub for each enhancement prior to the presentation.

Session Recording: