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Enjoy Alfresco Summit 2013 all over again with the slide decks and videos

The Missing Link: E-Mail-Integrations for Alfresco to Increase Acceptance, Enrich Experience, Enhance Quality & Simply Do Better Work

In this presentation I will show you the advantages and features of the Westernacher E-Mail-Integrations for Outlook and Lotus Notes. Use Alfresco directly in the familiar email client interface and get numerous new mail features in Share.

  • Drag & Drop mails to Alfresco through the integrated Alfresco Explorer
  • Email details at a glance, in Share and your mail client
  • Hover-Document-Preview
  • Duplicate Check during archiving
  • Start "New Mail"-action out of Alfresco Share or through the context menu in the Alfresco Explorer
  • Define favorites
  • Integrated Alfresco Workflows
  • Modern Look & Feel
  • Visualization of already stored mails
  • Site filters in the Alfresco Explorer
  • Tagging and full text indication
  • Context menu with numerous DMS-features
  • Optimized for scalability

This is a recording of the same session that was presented in Boston.

Session Recording: