Thanks for the memories

Enjoy Alfresco Summit 2013 all over again with the slide decks and videos

Lightning Talks #2

Lightning talks are fast-paced and fun. The presentations are strictly limited to five minutes. This session consists of a mix of presentations targeted at both business and technical audiences.

Ignite-style presentations (auto-advancing slides):

  • Alfresco Over the Years, a Trip Down Memory Lane, Robin Bramley
  • What's New in the Javascript Console, Florian Maul
  • CORS - Something Witty Goes Here, Jared Ottley
  • Alfresco and Neo4j, Ivan Krnić
  • Alfresco HTML5 Client, Andrea Agili

Classic presentations:

  • Synchronizing Alfresco Activiti User Tasks with External Systems, Santiago Navarro
  • Fighting viruses with Alfviral, Fernando González
  • Alfresco Administrator's Daily Tasks, Antonio Soler

Time points are in the video description at YouTube.

Session Recording: