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Using CMIS for Enterprise Application Integration

CMIS can be used as a strategic tool to integrate different applications and systems in the enterprise. It can enable a service oriented architecture (SOA) where components work together to form a complete solution. Decoupling components has many advantages such as:

  1. Component and Alfresco can be upgraded independently
  2. A problem in the component will not affect Alfresco
  3. Component can be tested separately
  4. Easier to investigate problems in the Alfresco application
  5. A component such as a loader can distribute load among cluster nodes
  6. A component can be scaled separately from the Alfresco application

 This session will look at how CMIS can be used to integrate a WCM system such as Drupal with Alfresco, an ESB such as Mule with Alfresco, and how to use Alfresco in the Cloud via CMIS.

Session Recording: