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Enjoy Alfresco Summit 2013 all over again with the slide decks and videos

Beating the Benchmarks with a Billion Objects

The volume of digital content in the world is growing at a staggering rate. Managing high volumes of content presents a major challenge to large organisations, particularly those subjected to compliance regulations who have to retain all forms of customer correspondence for a number of years.    Alfresco 1.4 was benchmarked to load 10m objects, Alfresco 2.2 to 100m objects; the Alfresco 4 scalability blueprint took a different approach to represent >1000 concurrent users with 10m docs.  What happens when you need to push the boundaries with huge volumes of content?

During this talk we'll explore:

  • The 4 V's of Big Content: volume, velocity, variability and value
  • The importance of non-functional requirements
  • Strategies for scaling
  • Additional challenges for global businesses
Session Recording: