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Focusing on some of the most corporate critical documents in your organization, Zia's Secure Back Office Solutions focus on two of the leading ECM challenges in the market today.

  • We tackle the lack of User Adoption with our EasyECM approach—delivering a system that works the way users work with dynamic & role-based views, email & office integration, "dropbox-like" simple collaboration, and secure mobile access.
  • And we address the cost and complexity of document processing—with solutions leveraging Alfresco as a "Content Hub", with Intelligent Capture (OCR) and Enterprise Integration to ERP/HCM systems.

This session will be Case Study based and focus on a variety of Secure Back Office use cases, which include:

  • Corporate Legal - Contracts, M&A, Intellectual Property, Litigation, and more
  • Human Resources - Hiring, Onboarding, Management, Offboarding
  • Corporate Finance - Procurement, Accounts Payable, Payroll

We will focus on how you build the right solution for YOUR organization, leveraging the components that your users require.  In addition, we will briefly discuss "how you get there" including an introduction to Zia's service offerings such as:

  • ICE - Initial Consulting Engagements
  • ActiveMigrate (TM) - proven migration methodology and best-of-breed migration tools
  • RMNow - our training & assessment package for Alfresco Records Management
Session Recording: