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In today’s always connected, highly mobile society, customer experience has become a top priority for today’s leading businesses.  The ability to deliver dynamic personalized web and mobile experiences has never been more important. Join this session to learn why today’s leading organizations are choosing Crafter CMS and Alfresco to meet their web content management challenges and deliver engaging customer experiences.  Learn how you can drive targeted multi-channel experiences and manage your UI/UX, web content, digital assets, documents and other digital media with Crafter CMS, the only fully integrated Web content management solution for Alfresco.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Create engaging, personalized digital experiences for your customers
  • Deliver consistent experiences across all digital channels
  • Develop responsive mobile sites
  • Achieve blazing fast site performance
  • Easily integrate your website with marketing automation tools such as and Marketo

Crafter lets you fully leverage Alfresco’s Simple+Smart content platform for integrated management of:

  • Web content
  • Digital assets
  • Documents
  • Technical publications
  • Customer cases and contracts
  • Third-party data/content sources

Hear customer case studies and see a live demo of how leading enterprises are using Crafter CMS and Alfresco for next generation Web content management.

Session Recording: