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The Marketing Asset Center, a comprehensive solution built by Rivet Logic on the Alfresco content platform, provides a powerful and easy way for enterprises to manage and distribute all their digital marketing assets—audio, video, images, graphics, logos, marketing campaign materials, press kits, ads, social content and documents such as presentations, brochures and datasheets.

The Marketing Asset Center provides enterprises with a centralized way to:

  • Create, manage, and repurpose all digital marketing assets.
  • Distribute marketing assets securely to all stakeholders—sales teams, employees, partners, customers, remote offices, franchisees, and others.
  • Provide end users with an intuitive and personalized experience for finding and utilizing marketing assets based on each user's role.
  • Deliver marketing assets across all digital channels, so the right digital marketing asset can be accessed whenever and wherever it’s needed—whether on a dedicated site, an enterprise portal, mobile apps and devices, the corporate website, a customer service portal, a partner portal, and/or social media.
  • Tailor the solution to the team's particular needs, as the Marketing Asset Center is totally customizable and leverages open technologies.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined sales/marketing coordination
  • Worldwide simultaneous campaign rollouts
  • The power of consistent branding as everyone uses the latest approved version of each and every asset, and
  • Happier marketing and sales teams!

Join this session and learn more about this powerful solution, and how real-world Alfresco customers like MasterCard Worldwide have dramatically improved how they manage their enterprise-wide digital marketing assets.

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