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Organizations want to bring all important business content into the Alfresco environment, and leveraging all of its capabilities for that content. Some content, such as computer generated reports and documents, is rich in information and used in a wide variety of business processes. But these can be challenging to store and manage. In fact, some 45% of organizations in an AIIM survey indicated that such documents represent 25% or more of their corporate content. Still, the majority of those also reported that they do not store and manage enterprise reports in a central repository.

Organizational content can be classified as structured, unstructured or semi-structured. Structured content is the type of data organized and stored in relational databases. Unstructured content is generally created by people using common office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. Alfresco provides a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to store and manage unstructured content right out of the box. Semi-structured content is computer generated output from business applications or reporting tools such as Oracle BI Publisher, Peoplesoft, SAP, Crystal Reports and Mainframe legacy programs. They are typically produced on a scheduled basis using batch jobs or scheduling utilities, and require specialized facilities for capture, security, productivity and compliance purposes.

OPIN’s Reveal® for Alfresco application integrates seamlessly as an add-on solution to manage semi-structured content, regardless of how or where it is produced. Reveal automatically captures, secures and manages production reports and documents generated by virtually any core business system; from state of the art ERPs, HRMs and CRMs, to legacy mainframe applications or specialized industry solutions such as Hospital Information Systems, HMO claims systems or banking systems.

This session will provide an overview of the technical and business challenges that must be overcome when capturing and managing semi-structured production content. During this session, you will learn how Reveal for Alfresco delivers:

  • Automated capture and ingestion of any report in any format (such as PDF, ASCII, EBCDIC, PCL, Post Script, DJDE, Word, Excel, etc.) from any application and any host system
  • Consolidated access to all content in a single repository, including report output from a mainframe, ERP and other core business system
  • Unique PinPoint™ security for automatic logical bursting of reports so users have access to only the pages that they are entitled to according to their user profile (e.g. division, department id, account number, etc.)
  • Ability for users to combine reports together using filters and queries and convert them to Excel, PDF and other formats by point and click
  • Unique data de-normalization process that allows users to see reports with a corresponding spreadsheet view side-by-side
  • Support for regulatory compliance needs (such as Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA) by leveraging auditability of content usage, as well as enforcing access rules and procedures.

The presentation will also include use case examples of how organizations can leverage the capability of Reveal to improve customer service, vendor management, compliance, and workflow, while boosting the productivity of financial analysts, knowledge workers and managers who rely on data.


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