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Micro Strategies implement document automation solutions based on Alfresco that make it easy to manage complex requirements. These solutions allow organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of a deal, project or collaborative effort from initiation to completion; based on business needs and pre-defined standards, while still allowing for business changes and ensuring that compliance regulations are met.

These solutions often feature automation capabilities such as:

  • Email a document into the repository, have the e-mail automatically build out a predefined folder structure (ensuring standards), and simultaneously let people know it’s time to get working.
  • Automatically assign the appropriate metadata to a document, so searching can be done on the documents the moment they’re in the repository.
  • Updates to the transaction system data (Deal Management, CRM, Financials, etc.) automatically update related content in Alfresco.
  • Allowing specific power users to change the standardized folder structure and metadata, as business needs change.
  • Allowing users to work in their native applications; not only for editing documents, but for searching and creating them as well, so the learning curve is minimal.
  • An easy mechanism to compare documents and save those comparisons into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents.
  • Security settings that are automatically assigned to documents enabling compliance with regulatory standards.

These capabilities radically improving team collaboration processes.

In this session, Micro Strategies' Adam Storch will deliver a demonstration of these capabilities and answer your questions.

The session recording is missing audio for the first nine minutes.

Session Recording: