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Power Up your Activiti Workflow with Java Delegates

Activiti is a Java based workflow and Business Process Management engine that has been integrated with Alfresco since the release of Alfresco 4. With the integration of Activiti, it is possible to pass Alfresco content through custom business processes. These processes could range from a few simple steps all the way to highly complex procedures. A powerful feature of Activiti is that it can utilize Java delegates.

These delegates can be called from a workflow step, and they are instantiated by Spring. This means a workflow can call custom classes that have full access to Alfresco Spring beans. This allows your workflow to make delegate calls that can do things like add, move, and delete files; create and modify folders; modify permissions on content; and add or remove content from the workflow package itself. Not only do Java delegates give you access to the Alfresco Spring beans, but they can also be packaged into the rest of a projects customizations. This makes code reuse easy, and enables debugging easy in an IDE such as Eclipse.

This session will provide examples of workflows utilizing Java delegates, along with a description of how to set up a development environment. An example code project will be provided so that attendees can "try this at home". We believe this advanced technical session will be very interesting to any developer that aspires to do more with Activiti. It would be a good compliment to an Alfresco--‐presented “intro” to Activiti session. With real world use cases and example code, the session will also have the meat that developers want.

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