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Going Paperless at Edmonton Public Schools and Church Pension Group

Two case studies exploring how real customers went paperless by automating their business processes.

Edmonton Public Schools

Since September 2008, Edmonton Public Schools has been managing the digital student records for 80,000 students using an Alfresco repository. The system has specialized content inputs from the Student Information System, schools, the provincial government and various service providers.

Over 12,000 staff members have secure and restricted access to the digital student records using a nightly verification process which maintains the access of teachers to the students that they teach, and principals to the students attending at their school.

At present over 1.6 million documents reside in the content repository and generally between 50 and 100 users are accessing the content at any one time.

Since the student record is a provincial record, the digital contents must be securely transferred to any other requesting school jurisdiction in the province. The development of the On-line Student Record Request System allows other schools from around the world to request and receive the digital student records securely.

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