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Extreme Content Management at LexisNexis

Content Management is a well-established and mature discipline that comprises the processes and technologies supporting collection, management and publishing of information. Search capabilities are at the core of the user interaction with these systems. In the last few years, a set of emerging trends characterized by an increase in volume and diversity of documents have changed the requirements associated with the methodologies used to retrieve content. While traditional systems offer document retrieval and ranking based on metadata and keywords, more recent needs demand knowledge of the actual semantics of the documents themselves to offer a better and more efficient user interaction. In a traditional Content Management System, searching for a set of keywords could result in a large number of unrelated documents containing those exact words, while a semantic search engine would retrieve documents where that combination of words would lead to similar concepts, and rank these documents appropriately. 
At LexisNexis, these exact requirements have driven us to integrate Alfresco with our HPCC Systems Big Data platform to combine a best of breed Content Management System with a backend that can provide state of the art semantic analysis and ranking for document search and retrieval. During this presentation we’ll introduce the audience to this integration and some of the capabilities that it brings to the table.

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