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Building a Social Software Solution with Drupal Commons and Alfresco

Records Management begat Content Management which begat Knowledge Management which begat Social Business Software.   Each an attempt to harness the power of the intersection of data at the right time, in the right person's hands.  

In this talk we're going to discuss how companies are building effective, distributed, collaborative and secure knowledge management systems by integrating Drupal Commons, Alfresco and the cloud. Drupal Commons is a "leader" for social software on the Forester wave but Drupal lacks true document management capabilities. Alfresco is a leader in the process of document management.  Cloud services from companies like Amazon and Google offer plug-and-play content distribution services.  By integrating these technologies we can take advantage of the great social features in Drupal Commons the extensive document management and curated document libraries services of Alfresco and the extensive distribution platforms of AWS and Google to deliver full-featured, future proof collaborative knowledge management systems.

This powerful integration takes knowledge to the next level. This talk will focus on a dive deep into the how's and why's and how-to's of integration across this diverse stack showing off CMIS based integrations, cloud deployment techniques, and other JSON based replication techniques used to sync data across these technologies.