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Crafter CMS Part One

This is the first half of the training on the Crafter CMS.

Crafter CMS is a full featured and the only fully integrated Web content and experience management solution for Alfresco.  Join us for this one day, in-depth and hands-on training course where you will learn how to create a fully managed, dynamic and engaging website with a rich content authoring experience on Alfresco.

During this training course you will learn:

  • Crafter's advanced architecture for Web content and experience management.
  • Alfresco's underlying content services and APIs for managing the lifecycle of Web content
  • Create content types to build rich websites
  • Create page templates and re-usable components for Web and mobile channels
  • Configure targeted, personalized user experiences
  • Construct multi-variant experiments and A/B tests to optimize the Web experience
  • Configure and utilize in-context editing and drag and drop page construction
  • Highlights of Crafter's support for analytics and reporting
  • Highlights of Crafter's support for internationalization for global sites
  • How to configure Crafter and Alfresco for sophisticated environments
  • Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of Crafter CMS and a fully functional, fully managed website.


  • Attendees must bring a laptop and have permission to install new software
  • A basic understanding of HTML and simple programming concepts (Javascript, Freemar