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Controlled Docs Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Learn how a manufacturing site is managing its standard operating procedures, including review and approval processes using Alfresco and TSG's HPI Controlled Document Solution. See how various components including dynamic workflow, annotations, watermarking, and mobile access is used to manage all validated document management processes.  Also, get an overview of HPI's new features including drag and drop upload, enhanced search, and a new admin interface for extended configuration capabilities.

The customer will be available to answer questions about their real-world use of the solution.

A note from the customer: The Alfresco platform supports a multi-phase project to develop, control and sustain improved manufacturing instructional documentation that is easily assessable and accurately conveys the procedures necessary to ensure a high quality product. The migration from older rich text formatted documents to more robust Word based instructions and the implementation of improved processes to perform change control within a 24x7 manufacturing operation have been challenging. Our partnership with Technologies Services Group has rapidly provided many innovations in the user interface, electronic forms, workflow and security within the Alfresco platform in a configurable and cost effective way. We are continuing to evolve the TSG / Alfresco implementation, adding new document types and processes at a rapid rate.