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A CMIS Shell for Developers

There are many ways to interact with an Alfresco Repository. From a GUI point of view, there is Share, Alfresco and WorkDesk. An alternative is the CMIS Workbench that is part of the Apache Chemistry Project. What these all have in common is that the developer uses the common Folders and Files hierarchical approach to navigating the data. And from a developer point of view this may not be optimum.

If that isn't sufficient, then the developer switches over to a programming language and starts writing a program. At that point their productivity and their thinking process is not in the problem they were trying to solve. They weren't developing a solution for a Customer, they were researching a problem. Or they wanted to create some test data. Or they wanted to walk a chain of Associations. Their problem is now Writing Code, Compiling, Executing and Debugging. So, how do we not write a program from scratch, how do we interact with a Repository beyond what the UI's give us and do it on-­‐the-­‐ fly?

The obvious solution is the CMIS API, but how do I use it interactively? The solution is to use a language with a Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop (REPL) shell. There are a few languages that provide a REPL. One of the new and upcoming functional programming languages is Clojure. Clojure provides a REPL and using an open-source CMIS wrapper written by Zia Consulting developer