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Alfresco and Drupal with Federated Search in a Healthcare Context

Improving healthcare quality and managing its costs are amongst the most important issues facing the nation today. Information Technology (IT) plays a central role in healthcare quality and cost. Integration of consumer facing technologies (web, mobile) with backend, data-rich legacy systems—in a usable and user-transparent manner—is key in driving healthcare forward. Open source technologies and implementation of open standards, in turn, are key in driving innovation in Healthcare IT, as more than anything the current Healthcare IT landscape suffers from technology silos and conflicting and competing standards.

This session demonstrates the use of open source Drupal and Alfresco to offer a fully integrated Healthcare Case Management solution. Drupal is the consumer facing, intuitive interface to Alfresco’s data-rich backend.

This session will highlight several end-user and associated health insurance provider uses cases, including: online user interaction, automated notifications, self-service portal, automatic progress status, automated claims workflow and internal case processing reporting. We will also discuss the technical components of the solution, including integration of Drupal with Alfresco, workflow rules, reporting and CMIS configuration.