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Using Alfresco to Get Work Done: Annotating

Gathering review feedback from a team on image files, videos and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations is a manual, time consuming and risky process that involves resolving conflicting comments and deciphering handwritten annotations. The extensible nature of Alfresco Share provides the perfect platform for integrating annotation tools into the collaboration process; an integrated solution will provide many efficiency gains and reduce risk for an organization.

In this session we will cover the business challenges in reviewing and annotating media assets, either internally in an organization or across customers, suppliers and their partners. We will examine the full cost of manpower this process can take and the associated business risks. The need to annotate graphical content within a meeting, with people on a conference call, or across international teams. How Alfresco can be used for interactive workshops to review content, provide full auditability of all annotation comments and produce a PDF output of the annotations. This session will discuss the specific business challenges in annotating content and demonstrate how images, video, Microsoft PowerPoint and many other file types can be annotated within Alfresco.

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