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Situation Normal Everything Must Change

All business activities evolve from genesis to more of a commodity driven by the forces of competition. Unfortunately past success creates inertia to change and so we often believe that our industry will stay the same. It rarely does and we have no choice but to adapt. This is happening today with cloud computing and as a result new practices, new forms of organisation, new ways of competing are developing. But evolution not only changes our past ways of working it enables the future - commodity nuts and bolts enabled machinery, utility electricity enabled television, radio and computing. In the new world that is currently forming, the rise of intelligent software agents from Google Now to Mind Meld will change the way we interact with devices and content. Open source and ecosystems will also grow to become a dominant form of competitive weapon.

In this session, Simon Wardley will examine how and why things change, the macro and micro economic cycles that continuously impact us and the new forms of organization that appear. He will look at how you can map this changing environment and exploit this knowledge to your advantage, as well as examine what you can learn from the Next Generation of companies and how to use their tools to defend your own industries and attack others. Simon will also explore the role of cloud computing to big data to open source and why nothing is quite as random as it appears, but instead all of these changes were highly predictable over a decade ago. Using examples from various industries, including Government, Simon will discuss how companies are using the above to play highly strategic games against each other and how intelligent software agents will play their part in the games.

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