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Load-testing Share Using the Benchmark Framework

Complex browser-based applications, present many difficulties when doing load testing: the sheer number and order in which web browsers execute asynchronous calls to the server make it difficult to simulate using only server-side APIs; the browser can cache (or not cache) results unexpectedly; many pages are continuously calling back to one or more servers.    One way of avoiding the need to simulate this complexity is by driving real browser instances, which do not require any approximations.  Unfortunately the resources required to simulate large numbers of users exceed the specifications of most load driver servers.    To get around these problems, Alfresco have written a Java-based, distributed benchmark framework that supports any Java-based test implementation.  Using this framework and coupled with a Selenium-based Page-Object pattern, a variety of user-driven scenarios can be simulated up to an arbitrary scale.    Let us take you on this journey and show how these products can be used to load test your installation or be used to test your application.

The recording below is from the same session given in Boston.

Session Recording: