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Enhanced Script API: Dynamic Import & Batch Processing

Despite its success and adoption, some advanced use cases are not yet supported by the out-of-the-box script environment of Alfresco. This forces script developers to switch to Java development and complicates the management of different customizations to the same (web) script. The extensibility module support introduced with Spring Surf addresses some of the pain points of script extendability, but its scope is limited to web scripts only. For processing of large quantities of data / content, there is currently no alternative.

This session takes a look at the community extension "Enhanced Script Environment" and its features with a specific focus on dynamic script importing and batch processing. Using two common scripting use cases it will demonstrate how the dynamic inclusion and execution of scripts can help to design applications / components with customizability and versionability in mind. This allows other users and developers to extend solutions, but does not sacrifice the security and stability of the importing script like the existing static imports.  In addition, it will show how large amounts of repository content / objects can be processed in small, transactional chunks by writing just a simple script. The technical differences between the Java- and JavaScript-way of performing batch processing will be highlighted and explained.

Session Recording: