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ELBA: Governance and Collaboration for Construction Project Documentation at Stadtwerke Munich (SWM)

StadteWerke Munich (SWM) takes care of the distribution of electricity, gas, water and district heating for the city of Munich. In order to  do so, SWM has 7000 employees and each year they manage thousands of construction and major maintenance projects.

Construction work and networking infrastructure require a lot of documentation, from the initiation until the closure  of the project, including quality assurance before archival. Synchronized with back-end systems like SAP, the ELBA project has developed a structured life-cycle system for construction project documentation. All documents are generated from controlled templates and put under life-cycle control via workflow processes. ELBA streamlines communication between all stakeholders to keep everybody up to date, but avoids information overload or information duplication. Focused views and advanced (faceted) search enable users to zoom in on the documents they need. Access rights are set via corporate rules, and active behavior via policies ensures meta-data consistency between folders and documents. Moreover, Elba creates and maintains relationships between the important construction concepts, i.e. Baufall (Construction project) and Netzanschluss (network connection).

The combination of Fred, the XeniT Alfresco Desktop, and Alfresco's configuration flexibility offers a user-friendly documentation process for SWM. Elba adds  productivity and governance to SWM's internal and external collaboration.

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