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Composing Alfresco Solutions with Modules

Creating extensions and customisations for Alfresco can be a complex process, both from a development and deployment perspective. The recent move to a modularised build system (Maven / Gradle) has laid the foundations of change, but if you are interested in the concept of extensions as interoperable 'plugins', you will face difficulties at both the composition and framework levels.    Intelligent composition of modules, combined with a build and deployment process setup for both the aggregation and isolation of deployable artefacts can help you to build a reusable library. The use of Alfresco-native module services, community projects, as well as home-grown framework libraries can help you ensure module isolation, while also being able to track the progress of new Alfresco releases.

The talk will cover:

  • Currently recommended extension best practices 
  • A shift in thinking: Alfresco as an app server
  • Modularisation: why re-use and interoperability can boost productivity and reduce build effort
  • Successful plugin models from other open-source projects
  • The future - what needs to be improved?

The presentation will include plenty of code samples to prove the art of the possible.

Session Recording: