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Lessons for Going Mobile in the Enterprise

Two case studies from Alfresco customers Eurostar and Estrella Galicia will explore how they used mobile technologies to improve the productivity of their employees.


Eurostar is a high-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. Eurostar have been using Alfresco for the last two years to manage some of the most vital documentation relating to the smooth running of the international railway. With offices, stations and train yards spread across three different countries speaking three different languages it was vital for Eurostar to have a powerful collaboration platform. In this presentation Claire Smith, the Information Systems Manager at Eurostar, will share Eurostar's experience of using Alfresco as the central document management platform to:

  • Review and publishing corporate documentation on their intranet
  • Securely share confidential board papers with their board of directors
  • Store engineering documentations for the entire rolling stock and make them available to their mobile engineers
  • Submission, review and authorisation of IT procurement using electronic forms
  • Secure Alfresco Mobile App for train managers to ensure they have the latest safety manuals and regulations on their iPads and iPhones

Estrella Galicia

For more than 100 years, Corporación Hijos de Rivera has operated independently as a 100% Spain-based and family-owned company. The company’s history began with beer production. In the last two decades, this innovative company’s growth has far surpassed the industry average, and its brands have positioned themselves solidly in many countries.

María del Carmen and Victor will show you how you and your managers can improve their productivity by using mobile devices, in this presentation we will discuss:

  • The pains of the Accounts Payable Process
  • The Alfresco based solution
  • Mobile enablement of the solution
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