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AWS: Cost-effective, scalable, & secure Alfresco deployments (Repeat)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a complete set of services and tools for deploying business critical enterprise workloads on its highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Few classes of business critical applications touch more enterprise users than Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of AWS to quickly deploy a scalable Alfresco Enterprise installation in about 20 minutes. We will also study the cost impact of AWS as well as address security and compliance concerns. Topics will include:

  • Review AWS services essential to successful Alfresco deployments
  • Review ideal Alfresco clustered architecture for AWS
  • Deploying a cluster in 20 minutes with the Alfresco CloudFormation template for AWS
  • Understand cost implications and benefits of Alfresco on AWS
  • Understand and demystify AWS security and compliance