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Alfresco Virtual Appliance

This session gives the audience an insight into the concepts, tools and our best practices in how we manage, maintain, & migrate Alfresco:

  • Installation Concepts and Filesystem Layout
  • Monitoring
  • Backup & Recovery 
  • Alf Time-machine: Start another Virtual Machine instance on the _same alf_data as your live system or on an ongoing replicated storage but to a previous point in time (using ro-unionfs- and db-restore-scripts). You can replay migrations without the need to restore alf_data. 
  • Tuning & Configuration: Avoid traps we know of by following our tips & tricks

The ecm4u team has many years of experience in maintaining and supporting Alfresco systems from small systems to very large systems running with hundreds of users or millions of documents.

We put our maintenance experience in a virtual machine based on Ubuntu LTS available as a virtual appliance running on VMWare environments from small laptops to huge clusters. The appliance is well tuned, secured, and contains many tools and scripts to make installation, backup/recovery, monitoring, and process analysis an easy job done in minutes using best practices. Common tools, modules, and integrations are already configured and tested.

Just click and run: Load our OVA-template into your VMWare installation and use Alfresco minutes later.

Session Recording: