Thanks for the memories

Enjoy Alfresco Summit 2013 all over again with the slide decks and videos

Tjarda Peelen
Senior Consultant at Incentro

Tjarda Peelen works for Alfresco Partner Incentro in The Netherlands and is certified ACE and ACA. He is involved in Alfresco projects from ‘general (Alfresco/ECM related) advice’, specific business solutions, pre-sales and architecture to delivery and support. In his spare time he blogs about Alfresco features, builds Alfresco customizations and most recently the Alfresco Business Reporting module integrating Pentaho (see the Tech Talk Live of May 1 2013). In previous jobs Tjarda has implemented various projects using FileNet, search solutions (Verity K2) and before that sold/implemented a web-based PLM product called PTC Windchill

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