Announcing the Alfresco Day Global Tour

We are bringing the Summit experience to a city near you!

Based on the tremendous success of our Alfresco Day program, we’ve decided instead of hosting a single Summit event as previous years, we are going to take Summit on the road and produce an Alfresco Day Global Tour scheduled to kick-off this August.

The decision to remix Alfresco Summit into a global tour this year will allow us greater opportunity to bring the Alfresco experience to you. Each stop on our tour will include a full day program hosted by Alfresco and there’s no fee to register so we invite you to bring as many people as you’d like!

In addition to the popular business content and product sessions, we’ll be adding a dedicated developer track to focus on specific topics designed by our evangelists for developers. We’re also looking for presenters so if you are interested, please submit an idea and let us know which cities you would be available to attend.  

Our partners will also participate with us so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with them too.

Planning has already begun and details will be shared in the coming weeks through Alfresco social media and community channels and the Alfresco Days web page.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!